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10 Basic Rules for Better Asphalt Compaction

Asphalt Compaction

1. Start compaction as early as possible.

2. Drive with the driven drum towards the paver to avoid the formation of ripples and cracks. Combination rollers should be used with the rubber tyres towards the paver.

3. To avoid mix material sticking, drums and tyres must be lightly sprayed with water. They should be moist but not wet.

4. DO NOT use vibration when the machine is at a standstill. This will avoid the formation of waves.

5. Drive smoothly and do not change direction in jerky movements. The use of an automatic speed control system can improve the rolling quality.

6. Switch the vibration on only when the machine is moving. Switch the vibration off in good time before reversing.

7. If the road is cambered start compaction from the lower edge and overlap each pass towards the higher edge.

8. Steer and offset the machine only on compacted material to avoid shoving of asphalt.

9. Never stop the roller on hot mix material since the machine will probably cause deformation of the layer.

10. ALWAYS park the machine at an oblique angle to the direction of the work so that any marks can be smoothed out later.

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  • Hosting 3 September, 2017, 00:36

    Below cessation temperature rollers can still be operated on the mat to improve smoothness and surface texture but further compaction will generally not occur. Mat temperature is crucial to both the actual amount of air void reduction for a given compactive effort, and the overall time available for compaction.

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