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7 Asphalt Compaction Tips for Better Road Surfaces

Steel Drum Compactor

Switch OFF vibration in good time before reversing.

Pre-roll without vibration if there is a low pre-compaction by the paver.

Select vibrator frequency on asphalt mix type and laying thickness in line with recommendations from the roller manufacturer. Compact surface layers with high frequency rates. Thick layers from 8cm onwards shall be vibrated with low frequency rates.

DO NOT use excessive speed as you might create the washboarding effect.

Use static compaction when moving downhill. Use vibration only when moving uphill.

When the asphalt temperatures reach 100 degrees celsius switch off vibration to avoid the risk of crushing the aggregates, and will eventually lead to cracks. For the same reason, compact thin asphalt layers only with low vibration effects and few passes or better still entirely without vibration.

With dense mixtures, too much compaction at high temperatures may lead to bitumen being pushed to the surface layer. Consequently, the skid resistance of the road surface will be lowered.

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