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How to prepare a Health and Safety File


In this post, I will describe what a Health and Safety File looks like and how to set one up.

A Health and Safety File shall include the following documentation:

  • A Health and Safety Policy
  • A Health and Safety Plan
  • Certification of Employees
  • Certification of Equipment
  • Laws and Legal Notices

The documentation shall be organized in a lever arch file with the above mentioned tabs.

Health and Safety Policy
This policy shall include the Health and Safety beliefs of the company, duly signed by the company directors.

Health and Safety Plan

  • Include Health and Safety Plan
  • Include emergency route to hospital

Include all the documentation to prove that the employees have been suitably trained, are well experienced and were given the required Personal Protective Equipment. This can be done by attaching:

  • Nominate employee representative and first aider on site.
  • A certificate of the first wider shall also be inserted.
  • Certificates of attendance of employees to H&S courses,
  • Listing Experience of employees,
  • Medical certificates of employees where applicable
  • A signed list by each employee who was given the Personal Protective Equipment,
  • List of toolbox talks duly signed by the employees receiving talk.


  • Include List of all equipment on site.
  • Include VRT tests and copy of log book of each vehicle
  • Include maintenance schedule of equipment
  • Include engineer certificates of cranes and other equipment
  • Include brochures of equipment on site
  • Include certificates of chains and slings.

Method Statements

  • Include method statements and risk assessment (MSRA) for the main works and insert in file.

Laws and Legal Notices

  • Print the following laws and legal notices and insert in the Laws and Legal Notices Tab. These can come in handy on site.

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