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How to set up an inspection test request book to ensure Quality Assurance


A sample page from an ITRB

Quality Assurance plays a very important role in construction works. It has to be carried out and the process must be well documented. The QA process is documented in an INSPECTION TEST REQUEST BOOK commonly known as an ITRB.

Each project can have several ITRB’s for different stages. For example, you can have an ITRB for:

  • Laying of services,
  • Laying of concrete
  • Asphalt works
  • Laying of unbound materials
  • Precasting of precast elements etc.

The ITRB consists of several copies of a simple template collated together in a binded folder.

The template is divided into two parts:
A) Contractor’s Request

  • The contractor first writes the request reference number sequentially.
  • Then he describes the request – for example “Visual Inspection on Type 1”,
  • Contractor writes the date the request was made and when the task will be ready for instruction.
  • The date when the contractors Quality Assurance team has been notified is also listed.

B) Supervisor’s comments

  • When the task is ready for inspection, the supervisor will carry out a site inspection
  • He shall write his comments in the ITRB.
  • If the task is executed satisfactorily then the works may proceed.
  • If the task is not up to standard, remedial works are to be carried out and a new inspection request has to be prepared by the contractor.
  • If the request listed in the ITRB makes reference to tests carried out on site, then these test results shall be attached to the ITRB and they shall have the same request number they relate to.
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