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How to prepare a Health and Safety File


In this post, I will describe what a Health and Safety File looks like and how to set one up. [click to continue…]


A sample page from an ITRB

Quality Assurance plays a very important role in construction works. It has to be carried out and the process must be well documented. The QA process is documented in an INSPECTION TEST REQUEST BOOK commonly known as an ITRB. [click to continue…]


Three main points to check before laying asphalt

In this post we will discuss the three main points to be checked prior to asphalting works to make sure that the underlying materials are up to standard.


Plate bearing tests shall be carried out on the compacted unbound layer as per testing frequency required by the contracting authority. Make sure that:
is greater than the required bearing capacity Ev2 stipulated in the road structure catalog (usually should be greater than 180n/mm2).
the ratio between Ev2 and Ev1 is less than 2.2.

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New Road Construction Concepts

New Road Construction Concepts

This is just a short post highlighting EU’s vision for 2040. It attempts to build reliable, green, safe, smart, and human infrastructure and the vision is outlined in the document commonly known as NR2C. Read more by following the link New Roads Construction Concepts.

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How to construct a shallow manhole

Most underground services need to be accessed to carry out repair and maintenance works. They can be accessed through manholes, which consist of a vertical shaft allowing a person to get into a chamber below ground level. The type and size of manhole depends on the type of action required for repair and maintenance works to the service. Each entity has its own requirements for its own manhole.

Manholes can be divided into two categories:

  • Series 1500 Manholes for motorway communication ducts.
  • Series 500 Manholes for sewer and storm water networks, including catch pits, inspection chambers and draw pits.
In this post, the latter manhole will be described.

Workers Building a footpath in Shifou Mountains, China

Shifou Mountains - Click on the image for the complete set of photographs.

I wonder if there are any Health & Safety Authorities in China. Who is going to check if these employees have all the required harnesses and minimum Personal Protective Equipment, while they are constructing a footpath along the vertiginous slopes in Shifou Mountains? 😉 I do not know if they have the minimum PPE but they sure must have nerves of steel.